Aug 20 • 1HR 14M

Episode 10: Side Hustles & Small Bets

In the last episode of the season, we share our learnings working on Side Projects and how they have helped us: (i) grow on our careers, (ii) make some money on the side (iii) have more optionality.

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Appears in this episode

Keyur Hindocha
Louie Bacaj
Mitra Raman
Thiago Ghisi
Vic Vijayakumar
Season 2 of Engineering Advice You Didn't Ask For is here! With timely and honest advice on everything from how to handle lay-offs to how to find your side hustle.
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In the last episode of season 2 of the show, we share how we met on

's Small Bets Community in 2022 and our learnings (success and failures) working on Side Projects/Side Hustles over the years and how they have helped us: (i) to grow on our careers, (ii) to make some money online/on the side & (iii) have more optionality in general.

We delved deep into our personal experiences doing side hustles, the diverse avenues one can explore outside of traditional employment, the value of a community of like-minded people and the personal and professional growth that can come from it. We also touched on the philosophy of 'small bets', the unpredictability of job security, the power of crafting your own 'personalized tech stack' to ship things quickly and the advantages of using personal experiences and interests as inspiration for side projects.

Our conversation revolves around the challenges, inspirations, and lessons from entrepreneurial ventures and side hustles.

YouTube video of the episode available here: